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In August of 2016, I started another website in the hopes of really committing to one. Unlike my failed relationship, this website has been my longest running relationship—next to the pursuit of stoke. Initially wanting to surf the world a wave at a time, like me, this has matured into something more than just pursuit.

I wanted to a space of my own where I could publish my work—a collection of stories that documented my writing journey, the search of stoke, and a little of the in-betweens as a female millennial digital nomad coming from a developing country.

On its third year, Millennial Mermaid has grown to be a space that I’ve grown to love, not without its challenges of pushing me to be a better writer, a better seeker of stories that connect us with all that it means to be human.

I started Millennial Mermaid with one single purpose: to continue writing. Did I achieve what I set out to do? Yes and no. There was a point in between the three years where I had to stop for a while. I wasn’t sure of myself. I didn’t know if this brand that I birthed in salty creative pursuits was still true. Not wanting to do something that wasn’t confident in, I went on a hiatus.

Millennial Mermaid in Palawan

I couldn’t bear to delete the site when I thought of the costs I incurred without even seeing ‘real fruit’ of my efforts. I kept asking myself why.

Why do I want to let this go? Do I also want to? If I do, what do I have to show for the past three years?

Millennial Mermaid was the tangible proof that I had done what I set out to do when I resigned from corporate back in 2016. I cannot stop writing, I couldn’t. I would regret it the moment I hit ‘delete.’ I wanted to write, but the will to write can sometimes be overridden by a lot of distractions.

I needed an external factor to push me to keep writing even when there’s really not much reason aside from the thirst to release words onto a page. Whether I got paid or not, I needed to write. It may have started with erratic bursts of emotion, but as of this writing, I need to write just because.

I hope that this space would be a source of positive influence to find your ‘just because.’ Whether you’re a surfer, writer, mermaid or skateboarder—whatever your source of stoke is, I pray you find the true source and enjoy the search.

Happy seaking*! 〰️

This is my story. What's yours? Share.

*seeking (if you didn’t catch that, it’s totally fine.)



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I'm always up for a conversation!

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Millennial Mermaid in Palawan Philippines

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