Hello! My name is Ferina.

A 2X year-old daughter of the ocean, living in the ever-tropical city of Davao, Philippines. 

I left my corporate job to make my dreams of becoming a writer and surfing the world a reality.

I'm most inspired when I travel and surf. When it's flat, I take out my mermaid fins. The ocean holds so much inspiration that my fingers can't wait to meet the keyboard after a day out at sea.

I began this blog with the desire to share my stories in pursuit of my dream to surf the world, one wave at a time.

Two years later, Millennial Mermaid has grown into a community bonded by the love of the ocean, safeguarding the environment, mermaiding, and surfing.

This is my story. What's yours? Share.

Stay salty! ❤



I'm always up for a conversation!

I'm always up for a conversation!

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