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Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas for Surfer Girls and Ocean Lovers

Awesome and Affordable Gift Ideas for Surfer Girls and Ocean Lovers

We’ve all got that friend who’s crazy about the ocean and chasing waves. Either they’ve been long time wave-riders or just started their love affair with the sea. Whatever stage they're in, I’m sure they’d love getting something that they can use for another year of wave-chasing and sunbathing.

For most of us who are still scraping the internet (and our wallets) in search of the perfect gift for your surfer girl or ocean-loving friend. Here are some gift ideas I’d personally accept *wink*. 

Just a little background on this, after working in corporate branding for four years, I realized I'm really passionate and particular about brands and branding. I will not claim to be the expert though because I'm still learning a lot up to now.

Enjoying the crashing waves of Dahican. Missing these kinds of days.

Enjoying the crashing waves of Dahican. Missing these kinds of days.

Recent speaking opportunities made me quite vocal about supporting our local brands. There’s just something admirable about young souls braving against the waves of competition, especially from brands outside. I think it’s been said more times than I can recall that Filipino products, once given the chance, are at par or even outshine non-local brands.

So, I'm encouraging all of us this Christmas, to give local brands an opportunity to sweep you off your feet. You'll never know, your new shirt could be an inspiration to another artist. 

Our purchases have a ripple effect in our community. Your choice to support local brands may just be the difference between the life or death of a dreamer's vision.

After all, this season is more than just giving gifts, it's giving love in whatever form that may be. 

I'll be updating this section if needed but for now, here are some affordable and thoughtful gift ideas for your surfer or ocean-loving ladies.  ♥


Gift ideas below Php 500:


A photo posted by @reefsideartworksinc on

A photo posted by @reefsideartworksinc on

If you've been reading some of my posts, you'll notice I've been wearing this brand often. I'll swear by it that it does share the stoke whenever you wear Reefside Artworks. From its breathable and soft fabric to its well-thought designs, it's definitely a visual magnet for those who love the board-riding lifestyle.

Shirts start at PHP475 for the while ones and PHP 500 for the colored. Also, Reefside Artworks is another perfect gift idea for the male species. :)


What I love about Parallel is that their utterly cool and hip shirt designs stand out from the crowd. Intentionally limited stocks make each Parallel shirt owner unique. Each creation is inspired by the street culture lifestyle which in a way, also transcends to the lifestyle of wave-chasers.

When they came out with their 2016 collection, I couldn't choose just a single design so I ended up buying two from the collection. I can't wait for their 2017 collection! Shirts cost PHP450 and they ship nationwide.


A photo posted by TwinFinPH (@twinfinph) on

A photo posted by TwinFinPH (@twinfinph) on

TwinFinPH, a Davao-based brand that creates amazing shirt designs inspired by the surf scene in Mindanao. Their shirts are eco-friendly and made from 100% organic cotton so these are perfect for your environment-conscious buddy. 

Shirts start at PHP380 from the smallest size up to Php400 for XL sizes. I've tried surfing with their shirts and surprisingly, my ancient non-local rash guard weighs heavier than TwinFinPh's shirts. 



Wawai's Organics, which I stumbled upon on Instagram, offers an alternative option to conventional surf wax and sunscreen. Based in Luzon, their surf wax, at PHP140 per block, is made out entirely of virgin coconut oil and beeswax. Their sunscreen (shown at the upper right photo, banana not included) starts at PHP280 for 40g. They also ship nationwide! :)

I'm stoked to virtually find them online. It's about time to stock up on earth-friendly products. The ocean won't panic if what you place in it is organic! 


Gift ideas below PHP200:

*kind of below PHP200 :)

If you're looking for gift ideas a little below the scale, thoughtful quirky items such as little surf angels customized to your friend's features will surely hit the sweet spot. Crafty Works Ph makes personalized and handmade gifts such as keychains, ref magnets, bracelets and a whole lot more! Bracelets and accessories start at PHP150, depending on the number of charms.

Imagine a little charm bracelet of you and your surf buddies? Adorable! Crafty Works Ph ships nationwide too!


I guess what draws me to love a brand is not just what they sell but what they tell. I personally love how Olivia & Diego Jewelry have been telling their story. Oh! And their Instagram feed is a must-see. They offer handmade up-cycled jewelry made out happiness by communities in Davao City.

Each bracelet costs PHP150 and they have this wonderful Christmas package of 6 lovely bracelets (plus cute notecards!) that cost PHP600. I know it's a little above the range of this article but each purchase goes a long way. You are helping artisan communities in Davao City thrive. Now, isn't that meaningful? Learn more about their story.


I am certain that I haven't covered everything so if you know a local brand whose story is worth sharing, please let me know in the comments below. :) 

So, what gift would you like to receive? Care to share this? You'll never know who might be reading your Facebook feed! ♥ 

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