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Unmet Expectations: How to Live and Let Go

Unmet Expectations: How to Live and Let Go

At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.
— Heather Hepler

I've always had that itch to write about prose that strikes me. Half-wishing I wrote it myself yet eternally grateful to the one who brought these words to life.

I did this in Instagram. I always had words but never enough space to truly describe how I'm feeling or what I've come to realize. With Instagram there was never enough space to publish photos. I didn't want to bombard anyone's feed yet I've always felt that I wanted to write more. I needed to write more.

And I've found the solution to satisfy that desire, to continue writing. You never know who you're inspiring - this I've learned just recently.

As the quote says, we have to live in what is happening. In hindsight, not allowing ourselves to live in what is happening cheats us of opportunities. To feel better or to become better by learning from what had happened and mind you, the greatest lessons in life come out of adversity. 

The test of true character shows how one handles the misfortunes of life. So whatever is happening now and all the emotions that come with it, embrace it

If it's funny, laugh. If it shames you, blush. If it gives you pain, cry. If it breaks you apart, then so be it. Allow yourself to go through the emotions, that's part of human life.

It's probably easiest to say this when you're not drowning in the seas of sorrow. It's easier said than done but at the end of it all, we have a choice. We can either run or hide forever, make ourselves numb or worse, bitter. Or we can choose to believe that the best is yet to come.

If you don't allow yourself to embrace what is happening, you're robbing yourself of the opportunities to grow. Don't do that.

We may get upset, disappointed or even broken but at one point, we need to decide to let go and live on. Only you have the choice to do that for yourself, nobody else can.  ❤

At least once a week, I'll be posting a photo along with a quote or short prose. Think of it as a compilation of thoughts. A collection of self-narratives of your average 24 year-old (turning 25 soon) who recently cut off her dependence on the corporate world and is now navigating the rough seas of pursuing one's passion. Along with (but not limited to) proving one's adulthood, traversing love, enduring the quarter-life crisis, or simply, surviving life as a millennial.

I hope that reading this and future posts would make you stop to ponder or spark fire to whatever needs to be ignited. Maybe, even inspire you to write your own prose or the very least, provide an escape of some wordy sort. Enjoy!  ❤


PS. You may read more from Heather Hepler here.

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