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Davao Fun Diving: The #OpenBoat Experience

What started out as a curiosity-spurned experiment on Facebook turned out to be a reality filled with fun! Looking back at how the events slowly unfolded, I never expected that there were actually more millennials (and non-millennials even) who would be interested in joining the Open Boat.

How It Feels Out in the Water

I wiped out onto shallow reef, stood up and got back on my board to paddle back to the lineup. I’ve clocked in 3 hours already and as I looked back to the shore, I saw the sky bleeding a beautiful shade of red. I couldn’t focus on catching the waves that very moment as I sat transfixed on the sunset that was unfolding before me.

My First Free Diving Experience in Davao

It all started with a deep unquenchable desire to be with the ocean. As a little girl, it didn’t matter how as I could be with the ocean that was enough for me. At first it was venturing beyond the platonic admiration of what was on its surface. After all, that’s almost what we always see – the endless expanse of the ocean’s surface.