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Mermaid Eats in Baguio City

Mermaid Eats in Baguio City

If there was one thing this mermaid would eat three times a day, seven days a week, that would be pizza. I’d eat anything on its toppings from an all veggie pizza to my all-time favorite, Quattro Formaggio (four cheese) pizza. Contrary to popular opinion that Hawaiian pizza should be my favorite, I’m actually a cheese lover and a firm believer that there is no such as thing as too much cheese.

Continuing our story last week, we were in the midst of a gastronomic adventure in Baguio. We just had breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins and their coffee was pure joy. The kind when you’re still groggy in the morning and arrive in their restaurant, you take a sip of their signature Siphon coffee and you’re in silent revelry at your senses waking up in delight.

Cafe by the Ruins' delicious and crispy bagnet served with herbed rice that I forgot to take a photo of..JPG

Coffee and more in Cafe by the Ruins

We decided to order lunch meals too while we were there. The others could eat their breakfast plates but I didn’t want to stop at just breakfast. There were still so many good things to try. Their carbonara is authentic, I believed they use the legit Italian way of cooking it by using egg instead of cream for the sauce.

One of their best sellers was the bagnet and I should just have ordered another plate of that too. I kept pecking at my friend’s bagnet plate, the meat was tender inside but when you bite into it you could hear the crunch. That’s fried pork perfection right there. My dad recently went to Baguio and I recommended this. Of course, my meat loving father loved it.

While we were still in Baguio, I wanted to try the top restaurants while I was there. My list of the best ____ (insert food) ever needed updating. Checking TripAdvisor for the best pizza places, Amare La Cucina was at number 1 with a rating of 4.5 and 336 reviews. It was an easy decision and we headed straight for their restaurant which was located within pine tree-studded barangay Lualhati. 

Authentic Italian carbonara at Cafe by the Ruins..JPG

Cold nights and pizza at Amare La Cucina

It was a cold night and for somebody who’s used to Davao’s coastal temperatures, two layers of clothing were enough to get me to walk outside. Entering the restaurant, the ambiance was like entering your Italian grandma’s place, a cross between shabby chic and modern. It felt homey as a waiter instantly took notice of us, seated us and proceeded to take our orders. 

Like an eagle for the hunt, I eyed down their menu to look for my favorite pizza. They had a tre formaggio (mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan) plus plum tomatoes and herbs on top. Asking our server, their best seller, and the most expensive pizza was the Foie Gras pizza which had mozzarella, basil, truffle oil and foie gras (duck liver). The instant I heard truffle oil, I immediately wanted to try this. 

Ordering both to satisfy the tummies of our company and their signature wood-fired ribs and veggies. I found out a little later while scanning around that Amare La Cucina made their pizzas through the woodfire brick oven just behind our table. 

It wasn’t a long wait for our orders and I was quite surprised they came quite quick. It was good because I was getting hungry and excited to finally eat pizza. The Foie Gras pizza smelled like truffle oil, a pungent kind of savory which is the same feeling that I would get smelling a newly baked Quattro Formaggio. 

Amare La Cucina's Foie Gras pizza..JPG
Vizco's strawberry cheesecake was still a delight to eat. Look at those toppings and fillings of strawberries!.JPG

The ribs came in a little while after but I didn’t mind because I was busy with my pizza. This was such a unique pizza because of the choice ingredients on it. It wasn’t blasted with too many toppings and you could taste the individual play of the truffle oil and foie gras.

I found it perfect as a substitute for an all-cheese pizza. Also one of the reasons we didn’t get a cheesy pizza because somebody in our company was lactose intolerant. I had to be nice.

The wood-fired ribs were good. They were well-marinated and juicy with the sauce dripping. This would probably be still my side order with the foie gras pizza. I’d go back again if I could. We left the restaurant with happy stomachs looking for dessert. I didn’t have to consult TripAdvisor because I knew what I wanted strawberry shortcake.

The Search for Strawberry Shortcake

It was quite difficult to find a restaurant that didn’t make too commercialized strawberry shortcake but Vizco’s was the most popular and only open restaurant served this. Instead of actual shortcake or shortbread, they used chiffon with a little food coloring to make it pink. I could still taste the strawberries and the generous whipped cream that had a slight hint of cream cheese in it.

It surprised me that it was still good despite the chiffon which I didn’t fancy very much. The toppings and the fillings were really good though, it wasn’t too sweet but it did give me the closure my tastebuds needed to cap off the night in Baguio.

I’m definitely planning another gastronomic adventure sometime soon and I think I’d be asking help from the locals this time since they would always know better. 

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